About Us

Based in Scotland, Caledonia FRC was formed to provide Civil Engineering and Construction Management services to SME civil and construction contractors, tier 1 contractors and clients within the construction and engineering sectors.

We have a proven track record in delivery of some of the most challenging projects in the UK and Ireland and have provided services on some of the largest projects in Europe at the time of construction.

Specialising in energy, residential, marine and rail sectors, we support our client in the successful delivery of their projects regardless of size and value.

Whether you are a tier 1 contract delivering a high value mega project, an SME sub-contracting to a larger entity or a private home owner struggling to navigate through the construction process, Caledonia FRC can provide services you need.

Contact us at info@caledoniafrc.co.uk to discuss your business needs, and to book your free initial consultation.                                                                                                 

Our Inspiration

The image above was a concept presentation demonstrating the proposed design for one of Scotland’s most iconic structures. The picture was taken circa 1882, and in 1890 the structure was complete..

and in case you didn’t guess, 130 years on, she proudly remains the main rail link between the North and South of Scotland.

Our Practice

Engineering has come a long way in the past 130 years, but at Caledonia FRC we believe that without the ingenuity of those before us, we would not have achieved that which many perceived as impossible… 

That’s why we embrace concept thinking and utilise the very latest technologies and innovations in our business. ensuring your project lasts the test of time..