BIM Coordination
& Design Management ​


BIM, or building information management, is required as a minimum on all centrally procured government projects. It is also commonly used on most private sector projects.

Currently, Caledonia carry level 2 accreditation, and in advance of the new implementation, working toward level 3.

Upon receipt of your contract EIR’s (Employers Information Requirements), we will produce a fully compliant BIM execution plan, and implement it to ensure your companies compliance with the contract. We also offer BIM integration and clash detection workshops.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry we understand the importance of correct design management to prevent costly errors during construction. On occasions design requires to be amended immediately to suit site conditions and ensure construction can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Having actively managed the design coordination of several large high-profile projects, when you appoint Caledonia as your design coordinator, you are securing the assurance that your design will not hold up production nor introduce inherent risk.

We adapt our 3D modelling plans to produce a risk free design for any project.

BIM Coordination

Clash detection

HAZOP & ALM coordination

Design Coordination

Principle designer role