Civil Engineering​


As a civil engineering provider to some of the largest tier 1 & EPC contractors in Europe, we have gained a wealth of experience on some of the largest civil engineering projects on the continent. 

Embracing the latest technologies, we directly managed the largest slip form attempted in the UK at the time of construction. 

We carried out the incumbent design, procurement and management of the full bunker construction using slip form technologies.

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Severn Waste HZ Mercia Envirecover Waste Management Facility timelapse video May’15 Edit 150512 HD – YouTube

However, in some instances the old ways are the best ways, as we learned when we were employed by BAM Ireland to design and implement a subsea shutter system to form the underwater foundations for their Kilronan Harbour project on the Aran Islands 9 miles from the coast of Galway.

In case you are wondering where the Aran Isles are;

Ever watched “Father Ted”?..

Foundation/ substructure design.

Bespoke shutter design.

Drainage design & Hydraulic profiling

Pour sequencing

Specification monitoring and review.

3D terrain modelling

Ground remediation and cut/ fill profiling.

Caledonia design a bespoke shutter system utilising steel stutters.
Their system allowed each shutter to be profiled on site to match the underwater rock bed profile.

Patrick McAndrew | BAM Ireland