With most water companies letting work under framework conditions, our clients need a consulting engineer who is adapt at working within these frameworks and the subtle nuances of the contract conditions. 

At Caledonia, we understand the importance of complete commercial control when working in these types of frameworks.


We understand the complexity of carrying out construction project. At times, even with our years of experience, we can find it challenging. As such, let us take on the stresses of dealing with your project. We offer full consultancy services with the private and residential sector.


Its fair to say that the London Blackfriars Station Project in central London challenged us..

When regenerating the busiest commuter station outside New York & Tokyo, we needed to be at the top of our game. Needless to say, we assisted our client to complete the project within the time set out by the regulators and successfully achieved the 12 car running milestone with 16 days to spare.  


Working in the marine industry has presented us with some of our biggest challenges yet!

Even with the remote locations, and the unpredictable weather conditions, we are confident we can assist you to over come anything the environment can throw at you..


Having consulted to some of the largest EPC contractors in Europe, Caledonia have provided services on some of the most challenging projects in the UK.


As technologies advance, construction methods change. As such, its fair to say modular construction has in some cases surpassed the more traditional approaches to construction. As Caledonia embraces new technologies we strive to understand and employ the latest innovations in our portfolio.

Our Hotel project in Inverness is a perfect example of how the hospitality sector is at the forefront of one of these technologies.