In todays construction market place it is all too often that SME’s and tier 2 contractors fail.

The most common factors for this is companies inability to react to confidently and effectively manage their scope. This is primarily due to inefficiencies of the middle management structure and the incorrect resource managing out with their skill set. The reality is that the industry is facing a decline in the very skill set that is required to ensure successful project delivery.

Coupled with the current trading landscape , it is extremely difficult to carve out a margin in todays project environment.
We find more contractors are willing to reduce profit at tender stage in order to secure contracts. Whilst this make for more attractive bidding, it substantially increases the risk of securing margin. Add in an inability to successfully control the project in terms of costs, time and quality, and the risk profile becomes substantially unbalanced.

When the last factors are introduced, the reality is that there is more than a risk of non-profit but a risk to the whole business.

Our Services


  • Foundation/ substructure design.
  • Bespoke shutter design.
  • Drainage design & Hydraulic profiling.
  • Pour sequencing
  • Specification monitoring and review.
  • 3D terrain profiling
  • Ground remediation and cut/ fill profiling.


  • TW design
  • Discharge of TW duties
  • Tailor a company specific TW procedure and implementation
  • Act as TW coordinator and TW supervisor
  • Issue TW design certificates
  • Issue permits to erect/load and dismantle


  • Develop and implement a fully ISO compliant QA system
  • Develop and implement project specific ITP’s (Inspection & Test Plans)
  • Develop and implement a full suite of quality check sheets
  • Write project quality plans
  • Site based quality checks
  • On site quality control


  • Contract Compliant Schedules
  • Labour and cost resourced programmes
  • Procurement Schedules and management
  • Project management plans
  • Project execution plans





  • Cost forecast
  • Cost resourced programmes
  • Contract review
  • Tender development
  • Claim development
  • Dispute resolution


  • BIM Coordination
  • Clash Detection
  • HAZOP & ALM Coordination
  • Design Coordination
  • Principle Designer Role

All the consultancy services you will ever need in one practice...

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need.

Caledonia understand the complexities and risk exposure SME and tier 2 contractors are subject to. We also believe in levelling the playing field when it comes to contract administration, and as such we bring the same knowledge, experience and competence to your business that the clients and main contractors have at their disposal.
The only question is;
Can you risk not engaging Caledonia?..